Bangkok Governor Launches New Waste Segregation Trucks!

Fighting Bangkok's Growing Waste Issue

In the last few years during the ever-growing waste crisis, many people have started paying more attention to the waste problem. Some households are already separating their waste but sadly, sometimes all that hard work is meaningless when the garbage collectors have no choice but to throw everything together in one garbage truck; especially with waste that could be recycled, or have a chance for a second life, but instead ends up in the landfill, mixed with food waste… such a waste of resources.

But TODAY, Bangkok has launched a new policy with the 3 pilot districts, Nong Khaem, Pathum Wan and Phaya Thai! “Mai Tay Rum” #ไม่เทรวม (waste segregation) policy comes with newly upgraded 2-ton and 5-ton garbage trucks that have additional compartments for food-waste and another side-ways opening truck to be used for food-waste only!

Bangkok generates close to 8,000 tons of garbage each day and more than half of that is food waste; Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have sprung into action and addressed this issue by launching this new “Mai Tay Rum” Policy.

The BMS began by asking residents in the three pilot districts for their cooperation, clearly separating “Food Waste” and “General Waste”, using two separate types of garbage bags. The BMA plans to expand the policy to other districts until it covers the whole of Bangkok.

Bangkok Governor

Separating waste into two categories, makes it easy for people to cooperate and understand, whilst increasing the efficiency of the waste management team. In the future, there will be more detailed waste separation to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Moreover, the BMA is also pushing to establish garbage disposal collection points in various communities and making public areas such as parks and schools to become Zero-Waste to reduce waste problems and encourage more of a circular economy mindset! We’re looking forward to more forward-thinking ideas and initiatives established by Chadchart Sittipunt!

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