Scientists Grow Algae That Can Replicate Any Taste

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Microalgae are usually found in the ocean or freshwater marine systems and produce half of the World’s atmospheric oxygen!

A group of food-tech scientists from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia have found a way to shape this ultra-carbon-sequestering superfood into what they believe to be a game-changer for the food industry.

This high protein, lab-grown “algae-mite” has the ability to take the form of any food product, by replicating any taste and texture. Imagine tucking into what looks like a plate of cooked spinach, but tastes exactly like a greasy, cheesy pepperoni pizza! 

algae to pizza

This algae-mite is nutrient-dense and protein dominant; higher in protein than meat, poultry and dairy. It could be the answer to replacing animal protein altogether. The scientists are also able to control the behaviour of the algae-mite to change the speed of nutrient release into the body after consumption!

The project is still in its infancy, so right now the algae-mite comes in the form of small ball-shaped products, but imagine the possibilities…

Is this the future of plant-based food? Or is it a Star-Trek food replicator gone wrong? Let us know your thoughts!

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