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About Root The Future

Root The Future is a community platform based in Thailand that champions plant-based living and sustainability. We focus on a range of activities and content that promotes a sustainable lifestyle, emphasising the importance of a plant-based diet for the longevity of our health, and the health of planet and the animals we share it with. We advocate, educate, and entertain using various forms of content, including photo and video content, articles, social campaigns, and events, all dedicated to sustainable living.

Our core belief is that adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most significant actions an individual can take to reduce their impact on the planet. Notable campaigns include;Thailand’s first plant-based food awards‘, in which publicly-voted awards crowned the best of the best in Thailand and ‘Asia’s largest Plant-Based & Sustainability Festival‘ consisting of 60+ vendors, establishing a vegan supermarket and engaging in environmental conservation efforts like ‘Plant The Future‘, which involved planting 5,000 mangroves and ‘Run The Future‘ to help promote climate activism.

We’re not just about advocacy, we’re also a resource for those looking to explore plant-based living in Thailand, providing guides to vegan and vegan-friendly hotels, restaurants, and even plant-based products available in convenience stores. By leveraging the power of community and communication, we aim to inspire lifestyle changes that are both environmentally sustainable and healthier for individuals.

Joanna Hellier

Joanna Hellier
Who is Joanna Hellier?

Joanna Hellier is the director, producer, and co-founder of Root The Future, a platform dedicated to promoting vegan living and environmental consciousness in Thailand, through compelling storytelling and impactful campaigns. Joanna is a long-term vegan and notably, her expertise and passion have led her to speak at the United Nations, where she emphasised the critical role of sustainable dietary choices in combating climate change. Joanna is a passionate director and producer, driven by her passion to change minds and spark a global dietary change towards compassion and sustainability.

Max Hellier

Max Hellier
Who is Max Hellier?

Max Hellier is an accomplished film-maker, director, and animal rights and environmental advocate and long-term vegan of 11 years. Max is best known as the co-founder of Root The Future, a platform dedicated to promoting ethical and environmental purchase behaviour. Originally hailing from a background in film/TV and media production, his work has gained notoriety on platforms such as National Geographic and has been viewed across the MENA region and the UK on channels like Sky, ITV and Freeview. Max’s dedication to exploring and advocating for critical issues is evident in his compelling visual storytelling and bringing urgent topics to the forefront. Max’s form of storytelling doesn’t just inform, it sparks change, establishing him as a pioneer in diet-change-driven documentary filmmaking.

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