8 Places To Buy Plant-based Groceries In Bangkok

Grocery shopping for plant-based food can seem like a daunting prospect. Where to start? 

Lucky for us, Thailand’s plant-based scene is growing fast which means there are now lots of fantastic plant-based stores, apps and supermarket aisles to assist our cruelty-free and sustainable food shopping!

From convenience stores, to health food shops, to big supermarkets, Thailand’s got it all! 

Supermarket (In Dear Tummy at Icon Siam) 

Good for: Local, Small Brands, Artisanal

Website/Grab: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Variety, Easy Online Experience, Lifestyle


Good for: Location, Convenience, Imported Brands

Website: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Local, Jay Foods, Affordable

App: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Local, Jay foods, Meat substitutes & Seasoning, Affordable

App: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Artisanal, Small Brands, Fast Delivery

Health Food Store

Good for: Health Foods, Specialist Products


Good for: Location, Convenience

Convenience Store 

Good for: On-The-Go Food

Although you can’t exactly do a full grocery shop in 7-Eleven, there is a growing number of plant-based products available. From plant-based meat, to ready meals, to vegan snacks and plant-milks, 7-Eleven is becoming a surprisingly vegan-friendly convenience store. 

Picture by Bangkok Herald

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