69th Miss Universe Is Vegan!

The 69th Miss Universe (Miss Universe 2020) has just been announced…

…the winner is Andrea Meza! A vegan, animal and human rights activist! The beautiful 26-year-old representative of Mexico is a software engineer, makeup artist, model, and activist. The winner of Miss Universe is known as the most beautiful woman in the universe who is a representative of positive change and an inspirational leader and a role model.

Andrea Meza is…

  • An activist for animal rights and women rights
  • Works to raise awareness about the well-being of the world and believes adopting vegan lifestyle will help save the planet
  • An entrepreneur. Andrea runs her own activewear label Andrea Meza Activewear.
A newly crowned, vegan Miss Universe is great news for our planet. We look forward to seeing how Andrea uses her platform and voice to spread the important message of plant-based food to help save the planet and the animals.

We would like to say congratulations to Andrea and thank you for being vegan! We couldn’t think of a better person to be a role model of beauty, health and leadership for young women of today.
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