6 Coffee Chains In Thailand That Offer Plant-Milk

Although there are dozens of cafes in Bangkok that offer plant-milks, if you’re in a mall or need a cafe close to the office, a coffee chain may be your only option. So here are 6 coffee chains in Thailand that offer plant-milks!

Dean & Deluca

Soy Milk – FREE!

Although there are only 10-20 Dean and Deluca cafes in Thailand, we had to put them at the top of our list. Dean and Deluca are the only coffee chain in Thailand that we have encountered that offer soy milk for no extra charge!

The Coffee Club

Soy Milk +20thb

Almond Milk + 20thb


Soy Milk +15thb

Tom N Toms

Soy Milk +20thb

Some branches also offer Almond Milk at +30thb and some even offer Coconut Milk at +35thb (Even though you could probably buy 1 litre of plant-milk for 35thb!)

True Coffee

Soy Milk +15thb

Almond Milk +20thb

We must admit, we have experienced some branches that don’t have any plant-milk options at all, but according to grab, it looks like most branches now offer soy milk and almond milk!

All Cafe

Plant-Milk of choice +? thb

When all else fails and we are desperate for a plant-milk latte, we head to All Cafe, which you can find in most 7/11s. Although they don’t offer plant-milks as a part of their cafe menu, they do have an extensive range of plant-milks available for sale in the 7/11 itself. Buy your plant milk, head to the All Cafe counter and ask the staff if they can make your drink with your purchased plant-milk carton, and viola! You have yourself a very inexpensive, uber personalised vegan milky coffee!

Be sure to bring your own reusable cup when you order takeaway coffee to minimise your plastic waste!

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