5 Thai Brands That Use Plant-Based Leather

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Hexa vegan shoes leather

Thai shoe brand Hexa Shoes pride themselves on their 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainably stylish shoe collections. PETA approved and now using NASA Certified Space Technology™ for their new Coast collection, Hexa is a great for the conscious and sustainably minded shopper.

vegan leaf leather

Thamon uses Thai tree Leaves and turns them into vegan leather. Thamon’s stylish and durable bags and purses are not only cruelty-free but also eco-friendly and make for unique and stylish accessories.

borboleta vegan bags

Made from vegan leather or ‘scientific leather’, Borboleta’s bags are made from 100% microfiber. This leather has the look, feel and durability of genuine leather, but better in a way that it is waterproof, more resistant to molds and 30% lighter than genuine leather. Borboleta bags are PETA approved and the brand has a strong belief that we should never hurt animals or the planet for fashion! Borboleta sells vegan bags and purses.

rubber killer

What appears to be leather on Rubber Killer’s products, is actually recycled rubber inner-tubes! Up-cycled, animal-free and uber cool, these bags are a sustainable answer to cow skin leather! Rubber Killer sells bags, purses, satchels, reusable flasks and apparel.

partspace vegan leather

Part Space sells a range of sleek, angular handbags and clutches that are made with 100% vegan leather. 

Cruelty-free & sustainable fashion has never looked so good.
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