20 Brands Who Sell Plant-Based Ice Cream In Thailand

There has never been more options for plant-based ice cream in Thailand. Whether you love coconut ice cream, decadent cashew fudge ice cream or fruity, refreshing sorbet, Thailand has it all.  

*(Listed alphabetically)*

Vegan Options: 7 Senses offer a huge selection of vegan, Italian gelato, including Pistachio, Choco Mint and a large selection of fruit gelato.  They aim to expand their vegan range in the future and their vegan ice creams are certified Vegan OK. 

Vegan Options: 100 Flavours offer over 50 vegan ice cream flavours including Crispy Coconut Pudding and Taro Coco Pudding.

100% Vegan: Selling a selection of fruity and creamy flavours along with festive flavours like Kulfi!

100% Vegan: Bangkok’s only vegan kombucha ice cream! Tangy, fizzy and refreshing!

100% Vegan: Rich coconut ice cream covered in dark chocolate, these ice creams are decadent and delicious. Beyond Pops also offers custom ice cream cakes!

100% Vegan: Buono not only have a huge selection of vegan ice cream flavours, but they also sell mochi ice cream, ice cream mooncakes and bon bons. 

100% Vegan: Creamy coconut ice cream in a selection of different flavours including Blasting Berries and Pleasing Pandan. 

Photo by @PlantBasedBangkok

Vegan Options: Fridae offer 4 vegan flavours including Yuzu and Chocolate & Raspberry Swirl.

100% Vegan: Almond milk ice cream with a selection of fun flavours including Cookies & Cream and Cheesecake With Strawberry.

100% Vegan: With all-natural ingredients, Hebe’s ice creams (even the 100% fruit flavours) are incredibly creamy, rich, delicious and healthy! Popular flavours include Heavenly Sea Salt, Pistachio Paradiso and Wimbledon Dream.

100% Vegan: Creamy, high protein ice cream with a soy base in all your favourite flavours along with a few seasonal, festive flavours!

100% Vegan: Known for their creamy cashew milk, Kebbio also sells uber creamy cashew nut ice cream in classic flavours like Not Plain Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Chip.

Vegan Options: Massimo Gelato offers a large selection of vegan flavours as part of their healthy vegan range. 

100% Vegan: Creamy nut based ice cream in delicious flavours like Lemon Pie, pistachio and Almond Macchiato.

Vegan Options: The Parfait Scene offer a selection of vegan flavours including rice Milk & Biscuit and Banana, Fudge & Pecans. 

Vegan Options: Torry’s offer a selection of Thai dessert inspired, coconut, almond and soy based vegan ice creams as well as sorbets. During October, (vegetarian festival month), Torry’s Ice Cream shop goes 100% vegan! 

100% Vegan: One of Bangkok’s most famous vegan restaurants also offers its very own vegan ice cream sold by the scoop or the pint! 

100% Vegan: Veganisto offers coconut milk based ice cream in lots of delicious, creamy flavours including Thai Tea, Tiramisu and Banoffee Pie. 

100% Vegan: One of Bangkok’s newest vegan ice creams to the scene, Wua offers small batch, insanely creamy cashew milk ice cream (made from locally sourced cashew nuts) in flavours such as Burnt Caramel, Coconut White Chocolate and Lemon Cream.

100% Vegan: Well known for their almond milk, Young Mind Tai now also offer a selection of vegan gelato!

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