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Could This Be The Most Vegan-Friendly Mall In Thailand?

Root The Future TAKEOVER 101!

Over the next 30 days, Root The Future will be taking-over 101 True Digital Park’s ‘EATIVAL‘ event! The event will include over 20 participating eateries that will offer an entirely plant-based menu option, to make 101 True Digital Park the most vegan-friendly mall in the country! 
Dates: 11th August – 9th September
Times: 10.00 – 22.00
101 EATIVAL plant-based
We are so excited for you guys to enjoy all this amazing, healthy & sustainable, plant-based food! If you bring your friends and family along to try, make sure to order extra, because you know they’ll want to taste your drool-worthy plant-based dishes!
Shrimp Cake
Chicken Pops
Let’s support these restaurants and shops to show them how many of us love plant-based food and maybe they will keep these dishes on after the ‘EATIVAL’ event. Take a look at the map below to start planning your eating route!
Join the EATIVAL takeover Facebook Event page to see regular EATIVAL updates. Don’t forget to share your food pics in the discussion for others to see!

Continue Your Plant-Based Pledge

For those of you who pledged to eat plant-based food in support of our marathon, this is the perfect opportunity to keep on track. Try some delicious, affordable and accessible plant-based meals, treats, drinks, coffees and snacks at EATIVAL until the 9th of September!
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2 thoughts on “Could This Be The Most Vegan-Friendly Mall In Thailand?”

  1. I have worked at True Digital Park for over three years, and for all that time I have had vegan meals delivered daily. I cannot express fully how delighted I am with this promotion. Really do hope the shops retain some of the dishes.

    1. Yay, that’s fantastic! Over some of the weekends during the campaign, the plant-based burgers out-sold the animal-based burgers at the ‘Salad & Burger’ corner in the Grab & Go (food court) section!! So we’re hoping that they might continue their plant-based dishes for a while longer…! Thank you for your comment!

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