10 Tips To Stay Vegan

1. Eat Enough!


Plant-based foods are much lower in calories so you have to eat a lot more to stay full. Say hello to bigger portion sizes to keep you satisfied and on the wagon!

2. Be Prepared

Vegan packed lunch

Make sure you keep your kitchen stocked with vegan ingredients. Take your own food with you to work if you know the vegan options aren’t very exciting. If you are visiting a restaurant where you are unsure if they have vegan options, call ahead and check.

3. Eat What You Love - Just Veganise It!

Vegan Cake

Going vegan doesn’t have to be difficult. All the food you love can be made vegan, so find the vegan versions or veganise it yourself! (Easy Vegan Swaps)

4. Don’t View It As A Diet

Veganuary not a diet

Going vegan can be a great way to lose weight since plant-based foods are much healthier, but don’t view going vegan as a diet. Veganism is a lifestyle and definitely should not be restrictive. So whether you choose to eat more whole food vegan food or not, view the vegan shift as a lifestyle change, not a diet.

5. Explore Thailand's Vegan Restaurants

Vegan Restaurant Bangkok

Thailand has an amazing selection of vegan restaurants to choose from. Eat your way around your city and find out which ones are your favourites! Use Happy Cow as a guide, check out our vegan menu index to decide what you will order and read the plant-based food award winners list to see who the people’s choice is!

6. Keep Reminding Yourself Why

Why vegan

Whether you decided to go vegan for health reasons, environmental reasons or animal protection reasons, keep reminding yourself of this to keep you motivated.

7. Educate Yourself On Nutrition

plant-based nutrition

Many people worry about all the wrong things when going vegan. Do some reading and research on plant-based nutrition and realize you don’t have to worry about protein! Valuable online sources are NutritionFacts.Org and Lilykoi Hawaii on Youtube. Great nutrition books include The China Study and How Not To Die.

8. Get Creative In The Kitchen

Watch our recent recipe videos that we filmed in the Root The Future kitchen using all the ingredients from Vegan Basket! We recruited Tida Wei as head chef to whip up some delicious delicacies.

9. Watch Documentaries To Keep You Inspired

Vegan documentaries

Hop on Netflix and choose from the long list of plant-based documentaries to keep yourself informed and inspired! 

10. Remember, No One Is Perfect

If you slip up or accidentally eat something that is not vegan, DON’T PANIC! No one is perfect. Going vegan can take some getting used to so don’t be too hard on yourself! Don’t give up, you can do this!

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