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10 Plant-Based birthday cakes from Bangkok (again!)

10 Plant-Based Birthday Cakes from Bangkok (again!)

Today was Jo’s birthday, so we decided to try 10 MORE plant-based cakes from around Bangkok and share our cake eating party with you live! Thank you everyone who came to the party! ⠀🍰⠀Please share this video and show the world how delicious plant-based food can be! ⠀🌱⠀Want to know where to get these amazing cakes from? Read below!⠀⠀1. Blueberry Cream Pie from Veganet by Kanda – 120thb2. Banoffee Slice from Plantiful – 100thb3. Gluten-Free Chocolate cake with Strawberry & Chia Jam from @Veggiology : Cold pressed juice & more – 170thb4. Raw Passion Fruit Cake from mami_sweetcreations – 70thb5. Key Lime Pie from Bangkok City Diner – 140thb6. Raw Tiramisu Cake from mami_sweetcreations – 55thb7. Mixed Berry Tofu Cheese Pie from @happy.t.rex – 160thb8. Red Velvet Cake from Nature's Charm Cafe🍰 BONUS BROWNIES!Thank you to Veggiology, Bangkok City Diner, Veganet, Plantifull for sneaking in a little extra birthday treat – Unbaked Chocolate Brownie from Veggiology : Cold pressed juice & more – 135thb- Toff Fudge Brownie from Veganet by Kanda – 65thb- Tiramisu from @Bangkok City Diner (which we will show you in an upcoming post!) – 140thb- Chocolate Brownie from Plantiful – 100thbThe delicious kombucha was from Nourish Cafe Bangkok ⠀🎂⠀The 2 homemade (by Root The Future!) wholefood plant-based cakes that we tasted were: ⠀9. Sweet potato chocolate cake⠀10. Mint nice-cream cake ⠀🎈⠀Let us know if you would like the recipe for these homemade cakes! They were 100% wholefood, sugar-free, fat-free, oil-free, and plant-based! ⠀⠀⠀Give a shout out to your favourite plant-based bake houses from Bangkok & Thailand and let them know how much you love their goodies! #RootTheFuture #PlantBasedCake

Posted by Root The Future on Wednesday, July 29, 2020
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