10 Places To Buy Plant-based Groceries In Bangkok

Grocery shopping for plant-based food can seem like a daunting prospect. Where to start? 

Lucky for us, Thailand’s plant-based scene is growing fast which means there are now lots of fantastic plant-based stores, apps and supermarket aisles to assist our cruelty-free and sustainable food shopping!

From convenience stores, to health food shops, to big supermarkets, Thailand’s got it all! 

Supermarket (In Dear Tummy at Icon Siam) 

Good for: Local, Small Brands, Artisanal

Website/Grab: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Variety, Easy Online Experience, Lifestyle


Good for: Location, Convenience, Imported Brands

Website: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Local, Jay Foods, Affordable

App: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Local, Jay foods, Meat substitutes & Seasoning, Affordable

App: (Delivery Only)

Good for: Artisanal, Small Brands, Fast Delivery

Health Food Store

Good for: Health Foods, Specialist Products


Good for: Location, Convenience

Website Grocery Order

Good for: Ordering Groceries Alongside Your Dinner!

Line Store (Online) 

Good for: Local and artisanl plant-based brands

Plenti Grocer is the newest plant-based grocery store to launch in Bangkok that sells 100% vegan, healthy and planet-friendly products. Products L’ Atelier de Herb vegan butter, Veganisto ice cream, Goodmate oat miks, beans, drinks, nut butters, sauces and more!

Plenti Grocer plans to have over 180 products listed on their Line store within the next couple of weeks including fresh produce!

Convenience Store 

Good for: On-The-Go Food

Although you can’t exactly do a full grocery shop in 7-Eleven, there is a growing number of plant-based products available. From plant-based meat, to ready meals, to vegan snacks and plant-milks, 7-Eleven is becoming a surprisingly vegan-friendly convenience store. 

Picture by Bangkok Herald

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