10 Non-Vegan Restaurants In BKK With Great Plant-Based Options

Sometimes when dining out with family or friends, visiting a 100% plant-based eatery isn’t an option. So here are 10 non-vegan restaurants in Bangkok that offer great plant-based options (in no particular order).

Taking your friends and family to these restaurants is also a great way to introduce them to plant-based food whilst allowing them to stay in their comfort zones!

Yoong Chang

Photos by Tida Wei

Hummus Boutique

Photo by Matt Hunt

Photos by Hummus Boutique

Demi Taiwanese

Photo from Google Maps

Masu Maki

Photo by Masu Maki

Photo by Masu Maki

Photo by Gaelle Bovy

OK Shabu Shabu

Photo by Ok Shabu Shabu


Photo by Chanokchanan Thananimit

Photo from Wongnai

Pizza Pala Romana

Photo by Fred Ban


Photos by Arabesque

Note: This restaurant doesn’t have a separate plant-based menu, so be sure to ask which options on the menu are vegan or can be made vegan.

Sunrise Tacos

Photo by Sunrise Tacos

Mensho Tokyo

Photo by Mensho Tokyo

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