10 Accidentally-Vegan Supermarket Products That Will Surprise You

When you first go vegan and start checking ingredient labels for animal products, you might be surprised at how many of your favourite snacks are accidentally vegan…!

Trolli Dinorex Candy

Trolli Dinorex Vegan

McCormick Bacon Pieces

Bac'n Pieces Vegan

Ritter Sport Chocolate

  • Marzipan
  • 74% Intense Dark Chocolate from Peru
  • 61% Fine Dark Chocolate from Nicaragua
  • 50% Dark Chocolate
Ritter Sport Vegan
Ritter Sport Vegan

Koh Kae Nori Wasabi Peanuts

Koh Kae Vegan

Oreos (most flavours)

(Most flavours). Double check the ingredients for special flavours.

Oreos Vegan

Boran Ice Creams

Not including Thai Tea Flavour which contains milk.

Boran Ice Cream Vegan
Boran Ice Cream Vegan
Boran Ice Cream Vegan

Jelly Belly Chewy Candy

Jelly Belly Vegan

Roasted Red Pork Seasoning

Roasted Pork Vegan

Lays Chilli Lime Flavour

Lays Chilli Lime Vegan

Ritz Crackers

Ritz Vegan
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