1 Year Of Covid-19

2020 is going to be the year that everyone remembers 

This year has changed the entire world in so many ways. All of this bad news has left many of us feeling hopeless and powerless. 

Many of us will look back on 2020 as the year that the world fell apart, and in many ways it has. But is that the worst thing that could have happened? Maybe not. Maybe this year and it’s disasters have given us all the opportunity to step back and take a look at the world and see where we are going wrong.

Here is our Covid-19 year in review that will leave you feeling empowered and hopeful for the future of our planet.


1. Lower Emissions

Less Emissions

Covid-19 has restricted air travel and has meant that many people now work from home, which has reduced emissions. Carbon emissions are down by a record 7% this year.

2. Meat & Dairy Consumption Decline

Meat consumption declines

With Covid-19 highlighting the dangers of animal agriculture on public health, and with many people becoming more educated on the impact of their food choices, meat and dairy consumption has seen a decline this year. 

3. Time


With many people around the world in lockdown, this year has given many the gift of time. Although people have been unable to travel, socialise or explore with this time, many people have used this time to restart or begin something they are passionate about.

4. Falling Back In Love With Our Home Countries

Domestic Tourism

Borders have been closed and international tourism has been put on hold this year, so many people have looked domestically for vacations. This has given people a chance to fall in love with their home countries again. This could have amazing long term effects on air travel emissions if people continue to look closer to home when it comes to their vacations.

5. Cell-Based Meat Approved For Sale

Just Eat Lab grown chicken

This year saw the first country in the world approve the sale of cell-based meat. Read more here.

6. Reconnecting With Family & Friends


Families and friends around the world have been unable to see each other due to the pandemic and social distancing regulations. For many, this lack of physical social interaction has allowed people to rekindle relationships with loved ones via the internet. 

7. Environmental Documentaries

My Octopus Teacher

This year saw the release of some eye-opening documentaries like A Life On Our Planet, My Octopus Teacher and Kiss The Ground.

8. The World’s First Climate Clock

Climate Clock

The world’s first climate clock was launched in Union Square in New York City in September of this year, reminding us of the urgency of Climate Change.

9. Attention On Wildlife Trade

Illegal Wildlife Trade

Rumours about how Covid-19 started, paired with the growing awareness about the origins of zoonotic diseases, there has been a lot of attention on the global wildlife trade and growing awareness on cruel and dangerous practices around the world.

10. Researchers Turn Durian Skin Into Energy Storage

Durian Energy Storage

11. Thailand’s National Parks Recover

Thailand National Parks
After the Thai national parks closed during lockdown, we saw amazing recovery and regeneration of wildlife in these areas. This sparked the government to consider closing the national parks for a few months every year to give nature much needed respite and time to recover.

12. Thailand’s Plant-Based Industry Growth

plant-based thailand

Despite the pandemic, this year saw dozens of plant-based restaurants and businesses open up. What more could prove the strength of the plant-based industry than growth during a pandemic and economic dip! 

13. We Stepped Into The Future

Root The Future Festival

We were so excited and honoured to host Asia’s biggest plant-based and sustainability festival this year. Psst, next year is going to be BIGGER & BETTER! See festival photos here.

14. Animals Were Adopted

Animal adoptions

During lockdown, a lot of people looked to animals for companionship. Many people decided to open their doors and share their homes with animals in need. This year saw loads of cats and dogs find their forever homes and families.

15. Government Implements Urban Gardening Initiative

ปลูกพืช ปลูกผัก ปลูกรัก กับ พช

16. Thailand’s First Food Fighting App

Yindii Food Waste

17. Thailand Came Together & Voted For Plant-Based In A Bid To Save The Planet

Plant-based food awards

During this year’s Plant-Based Food Awards people came together and shared their reasons for voting plant-based. 

18. Plastic Bag Ban

plastic bag ban

On January 1st this year, Thailand saw the nationwide plastic bag ban implemented in supermarkets and major stores across the country.

19. Ban On Toxic Farming Chemicals

pesticides ban

On June the 1st, the NHSC banned the chemicals ‘paraquat and chlorpyrifos’, which were commonly used in large-scale agricultural farming practices. The NHSC prepared several alternatives which farmers could use instead of these chemicals and the Minister of Commerce urged farmers to embrace organic farming.

20. Root The Future

This year’s biggest news for us here at Root The Future was… well…. Root The Future itself! Root The Future was born because of Covid-19 and the perspective it has given us on the fragility of our planet and the urgency of climate change. We hope that, together, we can grow Root The Future, spread the message and come together to make change happen together. 

Although some climate action progress this year may only be temporary (e.g. lowered emissions)… Has this year given us all the perspective we need to demand more from ourselves, from businesses and from World governments for this year to have a drastic, positive and long lasting impact on climate change?

What Happens Next Is Up To Us...

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