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    The 100% vegan and jay product is expected to be fully available nationwide by the end of January in convenience stores, super/hyper markets, eCommerce and local stores.
    The initiative, coordinated by the NGOs Sinergia Animal, aims to partner up with educational institutions, such as schools, universities, as well as companies and governmental institutions, and provide free support from dieticians and specialized chefs for them to serve greener meals by adding more plant-based options in their restaurants and cafes.
    It’s not new to the scene, the lean, clean, environmentally green, superfood machine, found in many great cuisines, filled to the brim with protein, encourages trips to the latrine. Ladies and gentlemen, the soybean.
    🌱 We were honoured to be joined by Sara Hohler during her first Jay festival as a vegan! Sara joined us on a tour around Central Food Hall’s Jay festival and helped us try some of the tastiest Jay food in town!
    J Festival 2021 is almost here! Here is a full list of this year's J Festival menus so far. A list specifically designed to make your stomach rumble!
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